Parents Responsibilities

At our preschool, we recognize the essential role parents play in a child’s early education and development. We believe that fostering a strong partnership between parents and our educational community is crucial for your child’s success. Here are some of the responsibilities we encourage parents to embrace:

Open Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with our teachers and staff. Share your child’s needs, concerns, and achievements to ensure we are all on the same page.
Attendance and Punctuality: Ensure your child’s regular attendance and punctuality. Consistent attendance allows your child to benefit fully from our educational programs
Participation in School Activities: Participate in school activities, meetings, and events. Your involvement enriches the educational experience for your child and helps build a sense of community within our school.

Homework and Learning Support: Support your child’s learning journey at home. Encourage and assist with homework assignments, engage in reading together, and explore educational activities that complement what they are learning in school.

Individual Forms

Lead Testing Form

Immunization Form

Health Inventory Form